• Expanded Phragmites Control for Norfolk County

    If you have Phragmites on your land, or know someone who does, sign up for our FREE control services. Together we can manage Canada’s most invasive plant.

Long Point Phragmites Action Alliance

Managing Invasive Phragmites in Long Point, Big Creek and Norfolk County

What is Phragmites?

Phragmites australis is an aggressive, invasive plant that has established itself in Long Point region. With no natural controls, it expands rapidly taking over coastal and wetland environments. It is Canada’s most invasive plant.

Who is the LPPAA?

The Long Point Phragmites Action Alliance (LPPAA) is a community group made up of partnering organizations all with a common interest in eradicating the invasive Phragmites australis.

Can I help?

Yes. If you or someone you know has Phragmites australis on your land, sign up for our free control services immediately. Only together can we successfully control this invasive species.

LPPAA Phragmites Control Programs

Coastal Wetland Control

Since 2015, the LPPAA has been supporting and implementing control measures for Phragmites in the coastal wetlands of the Long Point region, including Turkey Point, Long Point and lower Big Creek. To date over 1100 ha of Phragmites has been treated as part of this effort.

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Big Creek Watershed Phased Program

In 2018 the LPPAA developed a subcommittee known as the Big Creek Watershed Subcommittee (BCWS). The BCWS is tasked with coordinating the expansion of Phragmites control services, beyond the coastal areas of the Long Point Bay, up the Big Creek Watershed.

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Norfolk County Expanded Control Services

Phragmites must be managed at a landscape scale to truly achieve success. With that in mind the LPPAA is expanding beyond the coastal wetlands and the Big Creek watershed to the rest of Norfolk County in 2021. This will allow anyone with Phragmites on their property to have control work take place free of charge.

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