Big Creek Watershed Phased Program

The second phase of Phragmites control in the Long Point region is to expand control services up the Big Creek watershed. In 2018 the LPPAA developed a subcommittee known as the Big Creek Watershed Subcommittee (BCWS) tasked with coordinating the expansion of Phragmites control services.

This expansion of services allows private landowners to tap into the same resources being used in the LPPAA’s coastal control work; mainly, providing access to professional contractor services, specialized equipment, and aquatic herbicides under the EUR. These services are provided free of charge, allowing landowners to address an issue on their properties that they may otherwise not have the capability to do. Landowner participation in the watershed is crucial in addressing the issue of Phragmites as this watershed drains to the Long Point Inner Bay, and even small patches of Phragmites have the potential of spreading seeds and root fragments downstream to start new infestations.

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