Coastal Wetland Control

Since 2015, the LPPAA have been implementing a collaborative approach to Phragmites management in the Long Point region to address the impacts of Phragmites and protect the region’s globally significant biodiversity. The first phase of the project, which continues today, has been primarily focused on management of Phragmites in the coastal meadow marshes at Long Point and Turkey Point.

This first phase of the project has involved multiple landowners and Ontario’s first aerial and ground-based application of water safe herbicides for control of Phragmites. This work is led by The Nature Conservancy of Canada in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Canadian Wildlife Service under an Emergency Use Registration (EUR) permit from Health Canada’s Pesticide Regulatory Agency (PMRA). The EUR allows for the purchase and application of a water safe herbicide not yet registered for use in Canada. The product used under the permit, Roundup Custom (active ingredient glyphosate), is only permitted to be used in the coastal marshes of Long Point, the Big Creek watershed, and Rondeau Provincial Park.

The project employs a variety of innovative techniques, known as Integrated Pest Management, including follow-up measures such as prescribed burns and/or rolling and cutting to remove the dead Phragmites plants after herbicide spraying to ensure success. Continuing the control work in coastal wetlands is critical to protecting the areas rich natural features.

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