2022 Control Program Updates and Plans

Notification of Aerial and Ground Herbicide Application for the Control of Invasive Phragmites within the Long Point Region


Environment and Climate Change Canada – Canadian Wildlife Service, the Nature Conservancy of Canada will conduct annual management of invasive Phragmites in the Long Point Region. Phragmites plants in selected areas will be treated with a herbicide (RoundUp® Custom or Habitat Aqua) to control growth and limit spread.

Herbicide application will be completed in compliance with all regulations, and in appropriate weather conditions. Work will commence in remote areas of Long Point on Sept 1 , 2022 and will be completed prior to October 15, 2022.

Implementation plans outlining the work to be conducted are provided below. The following locations will be treated:

Long Point National Wildlife Areas – scheduled to commence on September 1st and be completed by mid-October, using aerial (helicopter) and ground application methods.

Private lands within Norfolk County – scheduled to commence on August 26, 2021 using ground application methods.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO RESTRICTION on the USE OF WATER for RECREATION OR DOMESTIC PURPOSES (i.e. toilets, showers, etc.) associated with this project.

Project notification signage will be posted throughout the Long Point region. Updates, including the start and completion of herbicide application, will be available at www.longpointphragmites.ca, and  Environment and Climate Change Canada- Canadian Wildlife Service office at Big Creek National Wildlife Area, or by contacting the Project Supervisors below.

Project Supervisor – Herbicide Application on National Wildlife Areas: Environment and Climate Change Canada – Canadian Wildlife Service, 647-232-8495, or by email at heather.braun@ec.gc.ca

Project Supervisor – Ground Herbicide Application on private lands: Nature Conservancy of Canada, 226-231-0331, or by email at brett.norman@natureconservancy.ca


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