What are phragmites?

Canada’s worst invasive plant

Phragmites australis: an alien, invasive plant with origins in Europe which has found its way to the Long Point area and is expanding rapidly in coastal and wetland environments.

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Alliance Members

The Long Point Phragmites Action Alliance was formed in May 2015. The intent of this Alliance is to develop a united and well planned management approach for controlling Invasive Phragmites in the Long Point region that is effective, efficient and environmentally responsible.

Recent news

LPPAA Large Sign

New Phragmites Signage at Long Point

Long Point Phragmites Action Alliance Receives Funding for Educational Signage November 16, 2016 LONG POINT, ONTARIO – The Long Point Biosphere Reserve Foundation is excited to announce the unveiling of new educational signage at Long Point, presented by the Long Point Phragmites Action Alliance thanks to funding received from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. “As volunteer […]

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Herbicide Application at Long Point and Rondeau – Fall 2016

Project Overview and Implementation Plan The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (‘the ministry’) has recognized Phragmites as a significant threat to biodiversity and Species at Risk at Long Point and Rondeau coastal marshes. Using currently available management tools, the ministry has been working with several partners in an attempt to eradicate invasive Phragmites from […]

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The Prescribed Burn – Spring 2016

Q & A About the prescribed burn. Q: What happened the day of the prescribed burn? A: On the morning of Saturday, March 12th, 2016, machines were used to roll the Phragmites australis down. After waiting for the fog to burn off and the relative humidity to drop, the burn started. The first flame occurred at about […]

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