PROJECT UPDATE: Phragmites ground control work at the Big Creek National Wildlife Area began September 17, 2020 and is now complete. Aerial control is expected to occur between Sept 30 – Oct 9. Control work conducted during this time will not affect drinking water systems. For more information contact Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment and Climate Change Canada: 416-739-5827. Continue monitoring the website for more updates. NOTE: Waterfowl hunting at the Big Creek National Wildlife Area (Long Point Waterfowl Management Unit, ‘A’ Zone permits), will be temporarily closed until the aerial control work is complete. Please contact 519-586-2839 for more detail. Aerial control work may affect waterfowl hunting in the Big Creek Natural National Wildlife Area, B Zone, please contact the NWA office at 519-586-2839 for more detail.

What are phragmites?

Canada’s worst invasive plant

Phragmites australis: an alien, invasive plant with origins in Europe which has found its way to the Long Point area and is expanding rapidly in coastal and wetland environments.

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Alliance Members

The Long Point Phragmites Action Alliance was formed in May 2015. The intent of this Alliance is to develop a united and well planned management approach for controlling Invasive Phragmites in the Long Point region that is effective, efficient and environmentally responsible.

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Long Point and Rondeau Phragmites Control Project – 2020 Summary

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ontario Parks, Canadian Wildlife Service and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (“the project team”) have recognized invasive Phragmites australis as a significant threat to biodiversity and Species at Risk at Long Point and Rondeau coastal marshes. Using currently available management tools, the Project Team has been working with […]

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Notification 2020 – Ground Treatment Long Point Tip

Notification 2020 – Ground Treatment LP Tip

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Notification 2020 – Ground Treatment Crown Marsh

Notification 2020 – Ground Treatment Crown Marsh

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